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in this transition of purpose but always a sense of community. two years ago, when president obama became president of the united states, he made his inaugural address and said, i want swift, bold action now. to address the needs of the american people. one week and one day after that speech, the house of representatives passed the recovery act. and then it became law in a matter of weeks after that. i tell you this because this was a bold, swift action that put resources out there to meet them at the natiothe imagination and, and san francisco has always been a leader in terms of posing a model that is worthy of national support. so because of his speech, our swift actions, but most of all, because of the sense of community that city officials in san francisco saw here, and because of the ongoing leadership of the tenderloin neighborhood development corp., people's lives will be changed. when you hear speeches and wonder what is that all about? president obama's speech is now being translated into a better life for many more people who live here or receive services here. the recovery act is very i
speaker, please. >> i am in no rush to get yes' votes. knocking on doors, the obama campaign, i work from 5:00 a.m. east coast but, 12 to 15 hours per day for over eight months. i travelled to and from other offices vote to maintain my sanity, and those hours are not really included. before polls closed, they said i was one of the top 100 telephone bankers in the country. i believe i am number two. i was impressed with the tenacity, intellect of another person. i made the decision 1.5 months before the election to the phone bank, and to put out the same energy i did for the obama campaign. i never doubted she would win, and my phone baking numbers were phenomenal. this letter of victory as supervisor in district 10. i was nicknamed the secret weapon. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you for your time. i had a show on kusf since 2001 and also a band. each city has a station on which they can express themselves, and for san francisco it do not have this, it is a travesty. why should southern california be allowed to buy this frequency when they have fou
just think obama is going to meet jesus. do you know what he said to me? i could think of worse things that can happen. he is not a christian. i can tell. if he was, he would want all of his rulers to be christians, and as far as i know, he did not get born again, but i was thinking that will be a perfect time for obama to this date, on abraham lincoln's birthday, a spiritual way on the very day that abraham lincoln came into this world. i think of the ramifications of that. he would shut down guantanamo bay, stop the torture, stop planned parenthood. sometimes, i pray for hillary clinton. i think about the ramifications if she got born again. that would be so awesome. she was satisfied bill. all he would have to do is a wink at her, and she would died on the bed, knowing her christian obligation to satisfy him. as far as the cfr goes, she would spurn it. you can watch her kiss of to the council on foreign relations and thank them for giving her directions. absolutely amazing. she would say, "no way. i'm a christian now. i'm going to serve the lord jesus as a senator and call for a new
: next speaker, please. >> hi. i want to give preferencreferen. it shows├║d) obama, dr. nathan hill, michelle obama, and madame j.c. walker. my experience with bedbugs -- i want to tell you, there are solutions. we have bedbugs in sor's. they even talk about bedbugs in the united nations. good night, sleep tight. do not let the bed bugs bite. i have found out that bedbugs could be sexual. it could be not getting proper showers. if you look at san francisco, all the shelters used to be back clubs. people walk around with bedbugs. i go to one hotel and i asked him to put plastic on the bed. in 9/11 at a shelter -- that was my first time to see bedbugs and lice. when i went to a shelter at 150 golden gate, there was a guy they could not make take a shower. i have long hair. i take the bedbug shampoo and mix it with a lotion. it could be invisible. they could be invisible. people never know. it is also cedar wood. we must use every idea to kill bedbugs in our lives. thank you. president murphy: thank you very much. i do not see any further speakers. commissioner walker: i want to thank
of general electric is now, as selected by president obama, a chairperson to the government, counseling on jobs and compact device. jeffrey imick returned his position as chairperson of general electric. researched this at the san francisco main public library, february 3, 2011. this transparency in atmospheric particulate levels invites vibration. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, members of the public. i would like to remind you of the program sesame street. it was one of those little puppets in there that lives in a trash can. he keeps popping up. i kind of associate that with the supervisor in front of me. i have noticed that he jumps up when people start talking about religion and judeo-christian values. progressive trash. i would like to talk to the supervisor without a heart. what gives the supervisor the right to come in here and jump off with that type of anarchy to not put her hand -- president chiu: i am not sure who you are referring to, but you must direct your comments to all of us, and not one supervisor in particular. that would be appreciated
time in 2010 in president obama's department of transportation budget. they were awarded a $27,000 grant for -- from the transportation commission. this board authorized in 2010 the award of three design contracts and the transportation office on bradstreet which has a staff of 95 employees. these contracts are employing a small business in excess of 39 on average. it allows for a the business participation level of 40 local businesses. professional service contracts have also hired a total of 16 for source training placements today, hiring it economically disadvantaged individuals. in september, 2010, central subway joined the international labor union of america to host a conference and supported a bonding and finance assistance program for small businesses. 2011 began with the central subway team hosting the prime small business meet and greet event for construction subcontractors on the 11th. this was attended by more than 230 people and provided an excellent opportunity for local subcontractors to meet with the contract in community. the tunneling contract will be issued f
initiatives across the state in this nation, when the obama administration has put forward, which may not be available. >> it commissioner moran, the point brought up is a good one. we have a long ways to go. we will probably be back to talk about the base line and twist of dollars and actually about one year from now. we would expect to have a program manager on in the fall. the process takes awhile to get through the requester proposal process, and the selection of the rates will qualify -- it will be key. what we really need to day -- commissioner moran: a procurement manager and a program manager. >> we will then be able to go through line by line what we have got, and they will be validating staff's work, doing additional work to look at where our facilities are. some projects may be broken up into pieces. some, infrastructure could be in such bad shape that we would have to rip it out ahead of the improvement programs and do it right away. commissioner moran: what is your timetable for finding that person? >> we are having discussions with the union. when those discussions and,
stole his country's money. i wish you understand. what he said after all that -- he said barack obama does not understand what happened in my country. mr. mubarak, how much are you calling to kill my people? people need to read what i write in america about that. people would like to know. egypt does not want mubarak. they want him to go. go away. go away. i ask each one of you. no corruption. no war. does america support mubarak for? does anyone agree with me? god bless you. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. do not give money to the friends of the foundation. as i pointed out, there is a new report from the department of public works regarding the current state of the branch library improvement program. what does it show? there are different ways to look at it, but these are dpw figures. the private nonprofit claimed it would raise $6 million. the original bond program was $105.90 million. at its inception, the friends were making a commitment to raise 15.1% of the public share. the program is 60% complete, and so far the public has e
the obama administration in order to get trucks off of the road and save the ecology. this is truly a viable alternative that needs to be looked up and given a chance. thank you very much. -- that needs to be looked at and given a chance. thank you very much. chair chu: 50. >> i have a great affinity for the department and the -- thank you. we can talk about battles on both sides, but i think the budget analyst is giving you the very clear path and some clear things to think about and some choices about what to do. the port should have been considered in this process. i do not know why they were not. they are the perfect place for maritime, as you know, and i am concerned about moving forward and what this means for the future. i would like to see a solution where the port, recology, the union, and the citizens of bayview all benefit from this. i have not seen this. no one is disputing the work that the department of environment has done. there's zero ways program is second to none. it is fantastic -- their zero- waste program is second to none. i do not think this was explored as well as at
will personally address this to president obama. thank you very much. supervisor chu: are there other members of the public that wish to speak on item two or three? seeing none, public comment is closed. the two items are before the committee. >> so moved. supervisor chu: both items will be forwarded to the full board with recommendation. if you could, i think some of the questions raised here are good, specifically, i would be interested in a summary of knowing what it is we currently do, the programs we have, the dollar that we spend cumulatively, who manages the program, depending on which agency manages the project. as well as the population that we serve. and perhaps we can work with you in the coming months to try to get that information in an easy to read fashion so that all of us have the information. >> absolutely. i would be happy to. supervisor chu: ok, without objection. please call item five. >> resolution approving and authorizing an agreement for the sale and conveyance of property nonexclusive permanent easements and three temporary easements -- supervisor mirkarimisupervisor
strive for at least eight hours of stress-free sleep. if president obama is scheduled to speak at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, i will be wide awake and all ears. i watched the president's state of the union and the republican response. his reelection will not be easy, but we will win. we are fired up. district 10 voters, a champion unpaid volunteers would give us time in the name of democracy. this is supervisor cohen's first elected office. she promised to be there for you. i want you to be there for her. president chiu: thank you very much. you can actually go to my office. thank you. next speaker. >> is this on? i am sorry. i have gone to a traumatic experience and have a microphone issues as a result. my name is jet. i was born in san francisco. i have been a proud kusf volunteer for many years. please help us get our microphone back to serve our community. for over 30 years, we, the unpaid volunteers at kusf, have brought music, arts events, beliefs, and much more to the local airwaves, and to the world through the internet. now we find our station falling prey to the financial gain of
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 51 (some duplicates have been removed)

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